World UXUI Design Summit 2015 brings to you...

  • 15+ Inspirational Speakers
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  • 200+ Enthusiasts
  • A Unique Opportunity to Learn and Connect.
  • Beautiful Venue, Delightful Lunch and Coffee Breaks
  • 4+ Hands on Workshops


About The conference

UNICOM Learning is organizing the second edition of Fundamentals of User Experience Design, The most unique and interactive conference on User Experience and User Design. To be Held in Pune with the Theme "1 day of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience designers". As such, conferences focused on user experience designs can be a boon for future enthusiasts and creatives - just like how Casual Connect and Siggraph are for mobile game developers and 3D/2D artists.

Pune - 23 June 2015.
1 day conference | Interactive panel discussions with CDOs | Providing the largest platform for practitioners, product vendors & thought leaders.

All apps, websites and anything tech-related rely a lot on a great user experience, an element that is sometimes taken for granted. Modern day UX designers need to be well versed across various disciplines and interests to bring the best results to their design projects. Experiences are no longer limited to the screen and are global in nature. A great user experience is more than just good design or ones and zeroes. Good user design is both beautiful and functional because-at its best-it's people-centric. It puts your customers at the centre of every product design and development decision you make.

- What do we need to understand and experience ourselves in order to make better experiences?
- What do we do to stay fresh, to stay inspired, to feed our souls which in turn feed our design work?
- How do the things we do outside the job roll back into our approach on the job? Let's explore these questions (and more) together.

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